Oct 2, 2009


So I have always wanted to do modeling but now that I have tattoos and I highly doubt I could get a modeling job, I really always have had a thing for acting. The more I watch girls my age or even a few years younger, I just dont get why I couldnt do it. I look like them, and I totally have the confiendce (at times) to do it. I want to take acting classes to get a feel for it, and I know in the beginning it is going to be nerve wrecking and scary but I really want to do it. I would love to start out on a soap and then slowly moved upwards. But do you think I really could start this late in my life, because most people start when they are really young. Maybe I should start with a school drama class and then go from there. Just figured I would write it down because I have been thinking a lot about it.


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JoAnn said...

You should go for it -- no doubt -- take a class at school first and watch for open casting calls -- I think you would be great at it -- Love and miss you lots