Aug 23, 2010


So I guess everyone is reading into my facebook comments wayy to much. So I have banned myself from there haha. There are things The Boyfriend and I want to keep to ourselves and between us because they do not concern other people (ie; moving, our relationship,etc.) But I guess other people decided to take it into there own hands and make a big production about things. I really don't mind but I just wanted my blog readers to know why and my friends so I don't get a million texts asking why I haven't been on facebook. I think for the time being I am staying far away from facebook.

Also just because I name my blog "Unexpected Surprises" does not mean anything. The reasoning behind it is because life throws you "Unexpected Surprises" and it seems like in m life it can be a very weekly thing lol. Thats what I was meaning behind the name of the blog.

I do not want to come off as rude or anything I just wanted the rumors to come to a rest. If I have something I want to share with the world, trust me I will when the time is right. :)


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