Sep 29, 2010

Wendesday Thoughts

I know I know, I havent posted for a while and I miss it! Let me tell you being pregnant and trying to join the blogger world, and work full time is not an easy job! I feel like my blog is very plain and yucky so this week/weekend I will be updating it to give it flare and sassy-ness!

Finally I feel like I am getting back to my old self. The morning sickness started on the dot right at 6 weeks, got worse at 8 1/2 weeks and now that I am 10 weeks (today) it seems to be giving up a tad! *Knock on wood* 81/2 weeks till now was really bad, where the baby would not let me keep down anything. I didnt think the first 3 months was going to be this hard! I dont know how some women have multiple children. I feel like a big wuss lol. Seems like once I stopped taking the Zofran and prenatels I have felt 10x better. I know I shouldnt stop taking the vitamins but I think that is what is making me sick. I think I will go get the flinstone vitamins and folic acid and see if that helps.

This Saturday they are having a baby expo here in Austin and I think I am going to go. It looks super fun, and free giveaways cant beat that! Plus it will be the highlight of my weekend, since I barely have left the house with this sickness. And then maybe I can meet some young expecting moms too, and learn more about the right baby products I need to get for my child.

In October I am going back home (California) to visit and go to a wedding. I am super excited but then again nervous to fly because I used to take sleeping pills so I could sleep through the flights but this time I cant. So I have no idea what I am going to do. What if I get sick on the plane? Haha Iswear I freak over things that probably will never happen. I miss California very much and all my family and friends out there too! I feel like that is where I am supposed to be but then again I love being in Texas. We will see what happens in the future, you never know I might just end up back in California. :)

Well I hope to become back blogging full time now that I feel much better. I hope I'm not jinxing myself. :) Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Christopher And Tia said...

The first 3 months ARE hard, you're not being a wuss. The way we with multiple do it, is we kick into zombie mode, and put our lives on hold. We do the bare minimum, just enough to keep the world going round.

Glad to hear you're starting to feel better! Hopefully the 2nd trimester will be much more pleasant, as you start to get bigger and feel baby move. The 2nd trimester is the best :)