Oct 7, 2010


Okay I seriously need a cute new look for my blog! But I have barely ANY time to do it. And I am creative and know what I want but just DONT know how to make it lol. Is there any advice anyone can give to me? I dont know how to work photoshop so thats out of the question, but I do have a picnik account. I need to make a button also but feel like everytime I make one, I dont like it a few days later. I think its my prefection getting in the way haha.  :)

So once again please excuse my dust while I shift things around and make my blog mine! And if you have ANY advice that you want to lend out to me, I am all ears :)

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Eva said...

I'm the same way with the buttons that I make. They just never look right to me! The only advice I have is just keep tinkering with photos, etc, until you feel satisfied.