Nov 24, 2010

{ i think its my lucky day! }

okay so you know that sponsor giveaway that Danielle was having?
This is what I won and I couldnt be happier about it!
It is going to make a great baby shower gift for my friend
and I will buy my own pair cause they are that adorable!!!!!
Thank you so much Danielle I couldnt be happier today!
Also a congratualtions to Danielle and her hubby!
They just had their baby boy, Henry on Monday!
He is so stinkin cute :)

Also today is the day that I find out the sex of the baby!
All in all it is a great day. And I couldnt be anymore happier right now!
I really hope the baby is positioned so I can see if it is a cheeseburger or a hot dog.
Thank you everyone for voting!
The poll is: Girl : 7 Votes Boy: 4 Votes

In pregnancy news I was feeling great and now I have this weird pain.
I dont know if it is my kidney or round ligament pain.
The dr said to keep an eye on it and it if gets worse to go to the er
since they will be closed for the holiday.
It doesnt feel like it will get that bad but you never know
It is an intense sharp pain that radiates from mid belly to mid of my back.
And literally stops me in my tracks for about 5 mins
Then it dulls down to a dull pain I can still feel it.
BTDT Moms, does this sound like something serious, or just a growing uterus?
I am 18 weeks yesterday!

Hope everyone has a great holiday and eats lots of food :)

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