Nov 15, 2010

Monday Moans

Hi everyone! I hope ya'll had a great weekend! 

I am watching my brother and sister, who happen to be twins LOL for the week. Yes I am getting my "mommy" practice time in with 12 year olds! And I call my mom or text her once a day saying, "what did I get myself into?"  or "Am I sure I want to be a Mommy?" She replies with a huge laughter back! haha
When my child is 12 I dont know what I am going to do! AHH I am going to have grey hairs lol

Well we had a fun Saturday. We went to bath and body works. I was looking for bath products for bubble baths or bath salts and believe it or not they dont sell anything like that! I was pretty shocked myself. 
So we went to Old Navy because I really want some more long sleeve warm shirts since it is getting chilly here but they didnt have much to my liking. 
Then we went to the mall to go to the Victoria Secret panty raid! I was so excited, 7 pairs for $25. 
I also got a cute purple sweater from there and perfume! I am finally feeling like a girly girl again. :)

Other then that I relaxed all weekend. Sunday was my lazy day and all I did was clean my room and lounge around watching reality tv. I swear I am addicted to trashy reality tv, and I dont even know why! Its not that good, the people are ALL drama and I hate drama. But for some reason I just cant stop watching. lol
My guilty pleasures of reality tv is; Real Housewives of _________ ( I love all of them), 16 and pregnant, Teen Mom. 

I know I am horrible, strike me dead now. haha

Nothing has really changed here. Except for maybe I finally have a tiny baby bump.
I know I should be happy that I am not huge and needing maternity clothes yet,
But I am nervous I am going to gain all this weight really late in my pregnancy
And never recover from it, or get really bad stretch marks.

But really should I even be worrying about this?!
Baby is doing great, feeling the little jumping bean a tad more
But sometimes it feels like gas, in one spot. Kinda makes me laugh
8 more days till I see if it is a girl or boy! :) 


 I am ready for bed and ready for these 8 days to be done with so I can decorate the nursery!

<<<<------------- Dont forget to vote on the sex of the baby!!


Nen said...

keep your stomach/sides well moisturized and that will help with the stretch marks (not getting any or at least keeping them at bay!). i am a little over 7 months and haven't had an issue yet--i am constantly putting lotion on my stomach!! steady weight gain will also help! no matter what anyone tells you.. you're not eating for 2. so just make sure you're getting enough--not too much extra--and you'll be fine!

your positive attitude is encouraging!! the "dad" sure doesn't sound like he's being a man...

Nikki @ Single Life Of A Mommy said...

Thanks I will start lotioning up! :)

Yay I really dont know how to be negative. Positive attitude is what got me through my childhood and life. Has lead me to where I am today :)

Dont get me wrong, I have my "days" but I have learned being positive gets your further in life.