Nov 10, 2010

My First Booking!

Oh Em GEE!!!!!! I just booked my first photography session in Decemeber for my photography company I am starting! Nicole Marie Photography (Well started in April and now picking back up) I am so beyond thrilled and over the moon about it! I have an engagement session and family session. Now I need to do my research and find cute poses for them to do, that are fun and easy. Also I am doing a co-workers reception in a few weeks (free) and I am so stoked on that also! My life is really turning around for the better.

I really thought it would have been harder to book my first but it was quite easy. Maybe this whole photography really does come naturally for me. I literally could cry now thats how excited I am.
Does anybody have any advice for me for my first session? Is there any do's or don'ts?

I can barely type I am excited! All I can think about now is baby things and photography. I guess being a mom and photographer are my true passions in life. Who would have thought? Well certainly not me


Linkie Lueville said...

OH! Yay! Congratulations! Just remember, TIME MANAGEMENT! And a big dry erase board will be your BEST friend!

Nikki said...

A white board for the photos? Or for managing things? haha

April E. :) said...

Be Calm. Be Yourself. Have Fun!!! And it will be a blast!

I have some pose ideas over at my blog...check'em out!

Nikki said...

April I was just about to email you! haha I will go check them out thanks! :)

I am just nervous cause I dont have any fancy lenses (yet) or a big external flash (yet) but I dont think I need them for outdoors.

I am so excited!

Lizzy said...

YAY!!! That is such an awesome blessing! Go girl!!! So as far as tips, psh, I have no idea but my best friend is a photographer. You can check out her blog here - - for inspiration! Good luck, you'll do GREAT!