Nov 22, 2010

random monday

so i have realized i am a very random person.
i make people laugh when i am being serious.
and people dont laugh when i am being funny.
anywho i have been blog-hopping today and it has been amazing.
i have been crying laughing and just crying at the romantic things hubby's do.
i am realizing how much i am like these woman.

so randomly i am texting jason telling him i am crying laughing and now i am just crying.
of course his first response is, are you okay?
he says that on a normal basis.
but i swear these past few days anything about mommy things
and road rage, and outings gone bad are so funny to me.
even my dogs think i am nuts laying in bed uncontrabally laughing and farting from posts.
yes when i laugh really hard i fart, which makes me laugh even more.
and with pregnancy there is no holding it in.

But the girls over at Harpers Happenings and THREE BIRDS
are some hilarious bloggers.
i wish i could tell stories like they do.
in my head i am a hilarious story teller and i will start laughing uncontralablly
when i get to the funny part in my head, and everyone laughs at me cause i cant go on with the story
but i am standing there peeing my pants, face bright red like a fire truck and gasping for air
but it is SOOOO funny, and when i finally tell them the funny part
its not that funny anymore but they still laugh because they are laughing at me.

And then there are the sweet romantic things that make your heart melt thats husbands do!
i love when wives blog about romatic things because there really are guys out there that are romantic.
i have had some romantic things happen in my life but nothing compared to these moments.
it just pulls at my heart string and makes tears swell in my eyes.
all joyful tears of course.
i know one day i will have those romatic things happen to me
and i will get to blog about them and make other girls swoon over my love.
i know it will all happen when it is supposed too.

well maybe i should get back to work since it is such a short week and all!
I will blog later about my weekend and post pictures!

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