Dec 27, 2010

photo post

Here is my last adventures on film!
Enjoy :)

21 weeks

22 weeks - Christmas Shopping

Jason, Me & My Dad - Christmas 2010

Jason and I - Christmas 2010

Little Brother and I - Christmas 2010

Jason and I and Baby Reagan in tummy

Me, Dad and Brother

Hope everyone else had a great holiday!
It was the first time I was home in almost 2 years, and it was simply amazing.
I forgot how much I missed California's weather!
66 degrees here in Southern California for Christmas, I was in heaven

Baby Update:

Baby Reagan is doing amazing. 
I can kinda see her kick on the outside of my tummy
But she wont show anyone else she can do it lol.
I always run to Jason to show him and she stops.
I got a few things for Reagan for Christmas and they are just so adorable outfits.
I cant believe in 3 1/2 months she will be here!!
I cant wait for her arrival :)

Well for everything else, my life is right on track.
I moved back to Southern California and it was the best decision for myself and Reagan.
I am happy, healthy and have the greatest families ever.
I start my Lamaze classes and breast feeding classes soon and kinda nervous.
Picked out the hospital I will be giving birth at and I love it.

I cant believe tomorrow I will be 23 weeks = 6 months!

See you all tomorrow!!!


Lizzy said...

Holy cow a lot has changed for you in the last few weeks!! I am happy for you that you moved to Southern California. I hope you're loving it. I am jealous of your weather! ;) How are you feeling girl? I hope all is well <3

Nikki @ Single Life Of A Mommy said...

I know it has been crazy but wonderful time! I am so loving it and my heart will always be in Southern California.

I am feeling great! No more sickness yay!

How was your holiday? Hope everything is going great your way :)

Lizzy said...

You look sooo cute and preggies!! That's awesome that you don't have anymore morning sickness. I bet that stuff SUCKS!

My holiday was awesome. I just wish it would have lasted longer. I loved my time off with my hubby.

It looks like your Christmas was awesome! I know the feeling about your heart being there. My heart is in MO with my family and friends too. <3 <3