Jan 27, 2011

not so crafty

I love reading blogs where it inspires me to do something.
And a lot of the blogs I read the moms are very crafty.
I am just not one of those moms to be.
I wish I could vision things when I am at the craft store 
but I am just a lost cause haha.
I wish I could have my own esty store and make the things that I see 
I have tried trust me, I have tried very hard.
It just does not come easy for me.

Blogging baby bump

Anywho I woke up very early today.
I was up by 730am. Usually I am up by 900am.
So I got up, made panckaes watched tv
cleaned a little, did the dishes and got dressed.
All before 1015am! I was impressed with myself :)
Lets see if I can do that once I have the baby hahaha wishful thinking

It is another beautiful day so I think I am going to take a stroll on the beach and just relax.
Go to Barnes and Nobles, browse around and read a few books.
I need to start babygirls book selection so I can read to her everynight.
The books say to have a night time routine from the beginning,
So I think mine will be reading her a book every night so then she 
knows its bedtime :)

Well I am off to enjoy this day! 


Lizzy said...

You are so cute haha! I love your little updates and pictures. MMM pancakes sound amazing right now. I am in the same boat. I love to try to be crafty but it's just not something that comes super easy to me :-P


Overthinking Mama said...

im trying to be crafty too. I just haven't figured out out what I am good at yet... but I am bound and determined!! lol.

cute baby bump!