Feb 18, 2011

thirty weeks

30 weeks

30 weeks - bare belly :)

It is so surreal that I only have 10 more weeks!
TECHNICALLY only 6 more weeks till full term...
Seriously I think I am officially beyond excited and nervous all at the same time!
She is so active now 24/7, I feel like she never sleeps anymore.
I am still so tiny for 30 weeks but my midwife says I am all baby.
So if she isn't worried, I am not worried.
I have a breastfeeding class Saturday and super excited for!
I still haven't had my nesting stage yet, but I think after my baby shower it will kick into high gear ;)

I promise next week I will return to my normal almost every day blog posts.
I am feeling a ton better! Thank you for the well wishes! :)

Peace, Love, Tattoos :)

Side view

Had a mini photo shoot haha :)

Goodnight Ya'll!!


Overthinking Mama said...

you are adorable!!! glad you are feeling better :-)

Jen said...

You look so good!! And soak up these last few weeks of feeling like a million bucks- usually exhaustion kicks your booty around 35 weeks.

Nikki @ Life Of A Single Mommy said...

Thanks Ladies!!

Jen - I so dont feel like a million bucks! The exhaustion has kicked back in... it sucks and shes in my ribs 24/7 :(