Feb 16, 2011

under the weather

Sorry I haven't been posting much this week. I have been feeling under the weather and it sucks! It sucks being pregnant and sick. Babygirl was sitting on my ribs and it was killing my back and my ribs. So I just have not been feeling like myself. Then on Saturday I was having heavy cramping like menstrual cramping for 2 hours every 20 mins so we went into L&D to come to find out they weren't  labor contractions just uterine contractions which I guess are normal. 

Caved into a craving!
I have class today and totally forgot I had my rough draft to due so I get to go into school early and work on it. I just cant remember if it was supposed to be typed or what. Do rough drafts usually get typed? I really hope I have the strength to finish school with a newborn once she is here. Just being sick and having to do school is killing me. Hopefully I have the strength for this.

Pretty new dress!
 The weekend was a very laid back weekend. We just hung out and relaxed. We went to see an apartment that was PERFECT for us but it was already taken. Oh well just wasnt meant for us. We hung out with some friends and then had a family bbq on Sunday. I attempted to play basketball with Jason and that was very entertaining. All and all it was a great weekend. 

Well I better go get ready for school. I will post my weekly pregnancy update! only 10 weeks left! :)

Happy Wednesday<3


Overthinking Mama said...

hope ya feel better sweetie! :-)

Chelsea said...

hi, sorry i haven't responded to your comment sooner! that is crazy that you know kass, what a small world!! you are still so tiny at 30 weeks, i feel like i was HUGE. you look really cute. it's weird to say but i already almost forget what it feels like to be pregnant! enjoy every moment, pregnancy is really special in itself :]

Nikki @ Life Of A Single Mommy said...

Thank you I am feeling a ton better!!