Feb 4, 2011

Vent Post!

Okay let me set the scene for you, just in case your new to the blog or I haven't really mentioned it. I am 28 weeks pregnant and the biological father aka sperm donor only speaks to me when he is feeling guilty and remembers he has a child on the way. We have not spoken since Christmas day. 

Anywho I am sitting in my kitchen talking to Jason's mom; Denise. She is preparing dinner and we are talking about our days. And talking about the new People magazine that just arrived in the mail today. Then my cell phone goes off, I look down and what do you know it, the sperm donor is calling me. I look up at her like OMG he's actually calling me! Oh shit said Denise and she kinda giggled. 

Me: Hello?
-all I hear is people talking in the background
Me: Hello? You there?
-then he hangs up on me!

And he has YET to call me back or even text me! WOW is all I have to say! Like really can you please grow up and act like the 25 year old you are!?!? I am 23 and more mature then you! Shit my dog who licks her own ass is more mature then you! 

Even if it was accident why wouldnt you just tell me on the phone, or at least text it to me? It's not like I am carrying your child inside of me or anything. Might as well NOT be your child with the way you are acting and handling the situation. All I have to say is your PATHETIC and I am so glad I am seeing  the REAL you instead of months/years down the road! 

Okay so glad that is off my chest! Thank goodness I can vent on here! :)



♡ Ambrosia said...

I awarded you on my blog! ♡

Jen said...

My heart aches for you, girl. I'd like to share with you my extremely long pregnancy story one day. It takes a tough girl to go through a pregnancy without the Dad support. Keep your chin up, pretty.

On a happy note.. YES.. that's Newport. I lived off 28th for a year (& boy do I miss it!).

I'm a follower. Can't wait to see more of your stories.

Nikki @ Life Of A Single Mommy said...

Thanks Jen, it was very hard without her biological dad's support but I have an amazing man in my life that I wouldn't change for the world. :) He loves this little girl so much and talks to her everynight!

Ahh I love Newport! Thats where I used to spend all my 4th of July's! I live in HB :)