Mar 18, 2011

preterm labor

Well it always seems like I have the adventures in my life.
Right when things seem to be going smoothly, BAM I get hit with something.
Baby and I are doing fantastic but yesterday I spent my whole day in Labor and Delivery.

In the hospital

It all started on Tuesday, I started to have menstrual like cramps.
Well I had these cramps before and back pain but they were never constant or stayed around for very long.
I also have had the same back pain for almost my whole pregnancy so it was hard to determine the difference if there was any at all.
Well then on Wednesday I still had the cramping, and the tightening of my stomach and back pain. But now it would start in my lower abdomen, move to my back then radiate to the rest of my stomach. I even had a pain on the right top of my stomach where it felt like it was tearing.
Wednesday night it got worse, I was miserable I couldnt sleep. I couldnt figure out what was wrong with me! I was so frustrated and I just wanted to sleep since I was exhausted.

So on Thursday I decided to text me good friend Jamie, who is 3 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy. Maybe she is having the same symptoms as me and I just chalked it up to Braxton Hicks because all the dr's and nurses said "YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU ARE IN LABOR" they were wrong!
Jamie sounded frantic on the phone and said you need to call your midwife right away. So I called and she told me to go into L & D right away! Two people frantic maybe its serious. So I started to get a tad worried.

I went to L & D and they hooked me up to monitors and I layed on my right side for a little while. No contractions were showing up. But I could still this pain and it was not fun anymore. They didnt hurt to the point where I couldnt stand them. But just annoying.
Finally they flipped me to my left side, moved the monitors to where I was saying I was having the pain and within 15 mins my wonderful nurse was back in kinda frantic tell me I was having contractions 7 mins apart!!!!
Since I am a newbie I had no clue when they were ending or starting. It really felt like a big long one. 
So She got the Doctor on the call's orders for an ultrasound to check my fluids, the shot to stop them since I am too early (34 weeks) and an IV of fluid.
The ultrasound came back normal and great! The shot made me cold and jittery and the IV was pumping fast through my body it made m even colder.

All then an hour passed and I was STILL having contractions so they gave me another shot. When I was discharged they were not fully gone but they were not constant like they were before. 
So I was at the hospital from 1030am-500pm. 
They were a tad busy with 5 women giving birth on top of it.
The contractions have finally subsided but they do come and go.
I am on bed rest until 36-37 weeks.
Today I have to go back for a non-stress test and another ultrasound to check my fluids again.
Oh and I never dilated and my cervix is still closed. Just soft or as they like to say it is "rippening" :)

Baby girl did wonderful through this whole ordeal!
Her heartbeat stayed a steady 150 and everything.
She wasnt as active as she has been but I think it was cause of the contractions.

Well I am off to take it easy before my appointment.
I dont want these contractions coming back full blown again.
Sorry just a long post! :)

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Lizzy said...

I'm glad you and your baby girl are doing ok!! That must have been scary. <3 Stay well girl!