May 1, 2011

still here

I am still here, just adjusting to mother hood and loving every second of it! The babygirl has been amazing and sleeps so good. She is sleeping about 3-4 hours and wakes to eat then back to sleep. I couldnt have asked for a better child :) And plus she is so freakin adorable (that might be bi-est) My boyfriend Jason has been a God send, he helps so much and makes sure I am taken care of too. He is such a wonderful person and there is no other person I would rather have by my side during this time in our life. We are so blessed with amazing family and friends.

I did just get the breast infection, mastitis. Sucks that I cant feed on that side for a few days and all the milk goes to waste. I read on that you can still feed on that side but the ER doctor said not too. So I called my lactation consultant to see what she says. Just waiting for her call back. 

Well the little one needs her diaper changed. I will try to post more, it might just be a picture blog for a little bit till I can get in the swing of things! :)

Thank you all for the warm wishes! It means a lot to me! 

This melts my heart <3

Fresh out of the womb and first bath!

First trip out!


Moo's Mamma said...

What a cutie pie! Huge congrats to you!

drea said...

1. im happy you're doing great!
2. i love her hair
2. i always heard you're supposed to feed through the infection.... even though it hurts hurts hurts.

Whitney said...

The best way to get over a breast infection is to nurse nurse nurse on that side! Baby will get everything going well. And yes, it's okay. Check into your local La Leche League or check

If you don't nurse that side, the infection won't go away or may come back.

Anyways, congrats she IS beautiful!

(Side note - you should enable all comments so that I can comment with my blog name. Name/URL should be enabled not just Google or OpenID)

Kaitlin said...

What a sweet baby you have!

Overthinking Mama said...

she's beautiful!! :-)

Lizzy said...

She's beautiful!!! Look at that full head of hair! Congrats girl <3

Nikki @ Life Of A Single Mommy said...

Thanks Ladies! I called my lactation consultant and she said I could continue breast feeding through the infection. Whitney I love that website it has helped me so much!

Breastfeeding has actually been really easy for me and does not hurt as bad as I thought it was going to. I have enough milk I feel like I could feed a village lol