May 15, 2008

3 days away....

so i am only 3 days away from seeing my fiance walk off those buses and me go running into his arms! it feels like it has been a lifetime since i have seen him but its only been 7 months! but 7 months without the person you spent every waking moment with is a lifetime!
tonight i get to start packing my bags && getting ready to leave! i am getting my haircut && spray tanned! i have waited for this moment since the day he left! (10/28/07) now it feels like these 7 months went by faster than i could imagine but deep down i know they didnt. i know once i am in his arms crying my eyes out because he is actually there these 7 months will disappear and it will feel like he never left! i cant wait to run and jump on him, kiss him a million times and just hold on to him like he is never leaving again!
i must be a strong person to go through this life && the military life but trust me i dont think im that strong! i cried so many nights && for weeks just stayed home because the sight of couples made me so angry! hahaha anytime i saw a military person or car eblem i would start to feel the tears swelling in my eyes and the knots in my stomach!

im just soooo happy hes finally coming home! && hes coming home to me and no one else! =]

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