Feb 18, 2009

blast from the past

dont you ever look back on your past friends and wonder how it all went away as fast as it started? i look back on my old friends i am not friends with and it makes me sad because we had so many great times and great memories. i understand that things happen, people grow and people change but i really thought friends were forever. call me neive but i really thought we would all still be friends. i dont look back and regret anything, i look back with a huge smile on my face and i cant wait to tell my kids my great memories as stories. i hope they are all well and have a great future. i hope they have are living there lives just like they always dreamed of, and have no regrets on our friendsip and falling out.

On another note, i know nothing is going to go perfectly, i know all marriages have a rough spot. hubby and i had one of many of our rough spots, but the most important thing is we communicated and worked things out. we both overreacted, and learn from it. everything always works out in the end and i know we will always work things out. hes my one true love and i know i am his.


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Ally said...

I totally agree with you on this. But I try to take things with a grain of salt and move on b/c I guess some things weren't just meant to be.

You know I'd hang out with you so don't even say you don't have any friends down here. I miss our long talks when the guys were gone.