Feb 15, 2009

am i really that bad??

am i really that bad of a person to love/like? i feel like i lose friends left and right and yes there are the friends that i have been around for awhile but not very many. then my husband and i fight and it makes me feel like shit, like im worthless and he could do better. maybe he could but i dont want to think about that. maybe i dont give him what he wants maybe i am not good enough for him. i cant read his mind and what he wants... im so frusturated. i have no one out here not even my husband anymore. maybe he doesnt want to be married, it seems like i am stuck back in the 1950's and i do the housework and he works but only difference is i take care of him, housework, bills, work and the dog! he just doesnt apperciate me and takes me for granted. if i left right now he wouldnt have the first clue what to do or what to pay. well my left hand finger is plain, so we will see what happens...


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Cory E. :) said...

Nikki, I am sorry that you are going through such a tough time.
When you get a chance please give me a call Jacque had my number. Thanks Cory.