Feb 8, 2009

true friends

So I guess it is true you never know who your true friends are until it comes down to it. At least I finally know who my true friends are and who is fake. Who I can trust with my life and who I could NEVER trust. Its just so sad because I was really hoping that it wouldn't turn out this way. I hate being used for people whenever they dont have someone else then they come to me, act all bff with me talk shit on everyone and then turn around and all ignore me. I am so sick of it, I am not putting up with it anymore, no more being nice I am so sick of getting walked all over. I try to not leave anyone and I always try to invite everyone if I ever go anywhere but I dont get it back and its very hurtful. Then to just flaunt it and show oh shes not invited is even worse and even more bullshit. I dont need this stress and I have no freakin clue what I ever did to deserve this. When I wanted to go to Wilmington I invited everyone, not just one or 3 people and leave someone else out! The only time I dont invite is when I go to a bar because people arent 21 so it doesnt make sense! I just dont get it, why do I always get the shit end of the stick? Am I really that bad of a person not to deserve nice friends, people who respect me, want to hang out with me for me, wont talk shit on me. I mean c'mon, its not that hard to be a real person instead of fake. I havent met this many fake people since high school and I have been out of high school for almost 4 year now! I am done and thats it, not letting them back in my life, home or anything! If they want to talk shit about me and not include me and be bitches then go for it, I dont need people like that in my life and I am putting my foot down. They can talk shit behind my back like they have this whole entire time but I wont associate with them.


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