Mar 30, 2009

what if's

do you ever look back on your life and say what if i didnt get married? what if i went into the navy? what if i didnt take that job? what if we were still friends?

Just lately i have been looking up old friends on myspace and the what if's just fly through my head. Dont get me wrong I dont regret anything in my life but I wish I could see where I would be today if I took those different paths. I wish there was a time thingy to show me that I am better off now then I would have been if I chose that road. I know this happens to everyone and everyone second guess themselves but it just has been going through my mind. I love being married and I love my friends. I know one day God will show me the other paths but I just want to know now. =]

Maybe one day God will show me I made the right decision and everything will happen the way it supposed to happen.



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