Apr 11, 2009

update on my health & marriage

well i went to see a urologist for my bladder problems and i finally got diagnosed with IC, it is a bladder disease with no cure and very painful. Most people don't understand how much pain I can be in because I try to be strong and never show my feelings. I don't want people to ever remember me by always in pain. With all the meds I am taking I cant drink alcohol anymore which kinda sucks but doesn't matter to me because getting better is my number one priority. The medicine I am taking is working wonderfully but I know I have a long way till I don't get any flares. I am thankful that I finally have an answer and things to help me get better.

now with my marriage we hit a big rough spot but we are working through it. i kinda feel like i am the only one trying right now but only time will tell. we went to a marriage counselor yesterday and it was good to tell how i feel and same with travis. i just hope this works out and the counselor helps us get back where we were at. i love him with all i have but sometimes you need more then love, you need communication too. i just really hope we can get back to where we were before this big rough spot, he leaves in a month or so for overseas so we have a month to try to fix things.

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