Aug 26, 2009

you think you know but you have no idea

I wish things would be so much easier. I wish other people could tell me what to do, but they cant because it is my life and I am the only who knows what I truly want and deserve. I wait to see the signs but I think I am ignoring the signs because I dont want to face reality. Somewhere along the way I forgot what I deserved and just took what I thought I deserved. Sometimes love cant get you through everything. The lonely nights wondering and fighting back the tears as you think to yourself, how come me?! What does it mean to truly love someone? Does that mean no fighting? No hurtful words? No judging? No tearing down a person? I just wish things would have turned out completely differently. I tried and tried but nothing ever works. I am beyond trying anymore, why should it be a one way street anymore? Why should I be the only one who cares about what happens? Ugghh I wish life had easier answers!

Whatever happens I have to remember it happens for a reason, and I didnt fail in life, that someone failed me. "Sometimes you have to forget what you have and remember what you deserve" "never settle"

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