Dec 9, 2009


Starting 1/1/10 I will write off men and relationships! I am done putting myself out there and getting hurt (ie,marriage). I have been hurt way too many times from men and I just need a break! I am going to focus on me and my life! Go back to school get my degree. I am going to make a ME list today which includes everything I want to do in the new year for myself! Including places I want to go, things I want to change about myself and so on. I am really excited about this and hope I have enough will power to do it. Which I think I will because I am a strong person and I feel very strong about this! I am staying in North Carolina for a little bit longer to see if I want to stay here or move back to Cali. I love both places and have a life in both places so we will see where I end up!

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