Dec 6, 2009

Feels Like Forever!

Since I have written on here. So lets update my life as of right now! =] In 11 days I will be packed and driving cross country with my daddy back to California! I am so excited for this move and cant wait to be back with friends and my family. But what I am going to hate its leaving North Carolina. I have made somewhat of a life here and have a great job and friends. I have meet all kinds of people and it has been a great experience I will never forget! I am seriously going to miss everyone I have meet along the way and will hopefully get to come and visit! As of my marriage it is over, I do not want it to be but he does. I am slowly coping with everything but I will not show my emotions to anyone because I dont want people to see me break. Its just not in my personality to that. I still believe there is that one true love out there for me and once I do find him, marriage is going to be completely different. I am not looking for a man right now because I really do not need another heartache. But if I accidentally meet someone along the way then therefore I do so but I highly doubt I will. I am a very picky person and I am never going to settle for anything less then what I think I deserve. I have high dreams for myself and I am going to be somebody some day!


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