Nov 29, 2009


My life is one rollercoaster emotion after another. I know I have a part to play in all of it but I just wish all of this was eaiser. I know what I want and I just wish it/he wanted me back. I am so scared that it/he has already moved on which it/he has every right to but it would just break my heart. I know I techincally cant get mad or upset but it would just kill me inside. I know I have hurt him and I regret it everyday that things happened the way they did but I just wish I could have him hold me again. Just kiss me and tell me he's still in love with me. I know its not going to happen that way and if I want to save this then I have to really try and I am more then willing to do it but I dont think he is. I guess I still need to pray and let things go the way they are supposed to go.

<3 NMS-K

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