Dec 16, 2009


I am definitely now more then ever sticking with my no more males in the year 2010! I need a clean start and I think this will be the best thing for me. I put too much trust and faith into people and I am the one getting hurt. I guess I just always want to see the best side of people and be optimistic that it is going to work and they wont hurt me but I have yet for someone to prove it to me! I am very independent person but I still love having that someone special by my side. It makes me feel good, I dont have to have a someone but it just feels nice and I love peoples company. Well I was going to stay in North Carolina because I really like it here but I think I need to be with my family more then ever. I just dont know what in the long run is going to make me the happiest. I guess thats a chance I have to take in life and hope for the best. I am done giving my heart out and it getting little dents in it, when it is already in pieces. I am just done with it all!


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