Feb 21, 2010

Dont Worry Be Happy Is My New Moto!

So this is the FIRST time in my life where I can pay off my bills, travel, and go to school without worrying about working full time. I am going to take advantage of living back at home, start going out more and acting like a 22 year old should! I have always had to act way older and be more mature for my age because thats the way life used to be but now that I have less to worry about and more to focus on, I actually get to do what all my other friends are doing. I can get up and leave on trip whenever I want to. I can randomly go to California to visit my friends whenever I would like. I can go do things I used to be able not to do and it feels so good. I am still adjusting to Texas and trying to find friends but let me tell you, the older you get the harder it is to find friends haha. I do have one friend down here, his name is Sean and he is the coolest gay guy ever! He is a great guy to hang out with and we are always laughing. I just need to learn how to stop worrying so much, relax and just live my life. I am starting to save too and let me tell you, it feels so amazing! It feels like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders! First trip is to Vegas for my Bday!!! And then Cabo in july! After that who knows the sky is the limit! Thank you God for everything!

<3 NMS

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