Mar 18, 2010

Thursday 3/18/2010

Didn't know really what to put for a title but I decided to put this. I am seeing this great guy named Jeremy. I have known him since high school, and he's always been a great guy. Don't know why now God brought us together because it was totally random but I couldn't be happier that he did. It does suck that I am in Texas and he is in California but I guess that's just a test of fate to see where we go from here. I have dated since my ex-husband but this time its different, it feels different, I see relationships in a different light then I used to. I cant really explain it but there is just something about it. Anyways I am going to jinx myself because I always do that, and he would say I am being negative right now but I say I am not lol.

I have decided that I would like to move back to California. I told myself that I am going to be financially stable when I do this. So I am paying off my car, saving at least two thousand dollars, and completely out of debt before I move back. I don't want to struggle in life anymore so I am playing it smart but still enjoying life as it comes. I am still going to school to become a teacher and exploring photography along the way. I really want to have my own dark room so I can develop my own photos but that will come in time. I think photography is one of my first real passions I have had in life. I get a thrill out of taking pictures that no one else would take a second look at of things. Things/people I am just passing by on foot or in a car. I love candid pictures, it shows the real beauty of something.

Also does anybody know where I can make my own layout for this blog? Or a site that shows me how to do it? Any advice on that would be great! And also how do I find other peoples blogs?

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Hit my wife up over at She can answer all your questions on searching for blogs and even get you started on making a banner for your blog.