Mar 8, 2010


Why is everyone looking for it and wanting it? And yes I am one of those people. Why do all the tv shows and movies make your heart melt and make you believe in a love that is so rare to find? Yes I know every relationship is different and they take work but still, why do the movies make it to be such a great feeling when it can end in heartbreak? Why dont they ever really show the after math? Why am I still looking for someone to share my life with? Why am I wanting someone to hold me at night and make me all warm and fuzzy inside? Someone when they hold me I get chills, and I never want them to let go. Someone when they kiss my forehead I just think, wow nothing could get better. But the catch is I never want that feeling to go away, I dont want it to "fizzle" out three months into the relationship once we become "comfortable" with eachother. I just dont get why I want a man in my life, I know I dont need one, so why do I want one so bad? Why do I want the love that everyone is looking for so bad? I am confident, independent strong woman, but for some reason I cant even get my head around this. And then when I think I meet a great guy I let other people tell me how to handle the relationship and majority of the time it doesnt last. Or I look too much into something that happend and write that person off. I dont want to do that anymore but I usually dont even realize that I am doing it until its too late.

Someone who has gone through this please explain to me why on everything. Thanks!


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Damien said...

Interesting read. Take what you want, leave the rest.