Apr 27, 2010

Hello There!

Sorry I haven't written for awhile. I got my camera for photography and I haven't been able to set it down. I am officially addicted and all I can think about is photography. I have some many people wanting to do shoots I am getting really exited. I am doing one with my friend this week sometime. Then when I go back to California my other friend wants a couples shoot done so I am beyond excited for that also. I made a facebook page for my photography so I can advertise and get my name out there. I have so many big dreams for this company and I am not going to give up until I am where I want to be! :) Life is going really well for me and I have no complaints. I am going to visit again in Cali and I cant wait. I miss California a lot! Oh and I started on my quarter sleeve tattoo! =] I will include a picture, I go back for shading May 6th. I cant wait to see color on it! Well that's it for now! =] Check out my photography blog! www.making-memories-photography.blogspot.com


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