May 1, 2010

Skype Love!

So Skype is mine and my favorites favorite thing in the whole wide world! We are doing a long distance relationship (for now) and it is easier then I thought it would be. There are times I wish he was here in Texas with me and vice versa, but when know in time we will be together. For the time being whenever I want to see him (well of course around our schedules) we get on Skype and BAM I get to see my mister! It is free to use and it is a wonderful tool in keeping us close together. Especially when he gets deployed and when he pulls into ports (he's in the navy) he can jump on Skype so we can see each other! I think if anyone is going to do a long distance relationship they really need to check out Skype. It will make the distance feel like you are closer then you really are.

Only 8 more days till Mister is here in Texas for a few days!


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