Jun 11, 2010

One Day to One Year at a time.....

I have learned a lot over this past year. I have endured a lot over this past year as well. Nothing that is supposed to last can be rushed, everything happens for a reason, and people leave your life and come into life when you least expect it. Everything has a meaning and a purpose and even though you might not know why at the time, it all comes together in the end. I have been learning to take one day at a time, enjoy each day as it is my last because you never know when your last day is coming. I have taken risks and been hurt but I am not going to let that affect my future and ruin my future relationships/friendships. I have scars that I have learned from, but they will not dictate my future. I still have more healing to do after this year and I have learned a lot about myself and how strong of a woman I am. I am never going to let someone be disrespectful to me, bring me down, or try to bring me down with them. I have no regrets in my past because it was all meant to be the way it turned out. I learn something new about myself everyday and I thank God for everything he has given to me in life. If it was not for him I would not be where I am at today. I still have many more years of growing up to do but as of right now I am where I want to be in life, and I happy. Happiness and love is all that matters at the end of the day. Love for yourself, love for your family, or love your partner. Happiness for yourself, for your family or happiness with your partner. One day I will be a wife and a mother and I will find my one true love.


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