Aug 25, 2010

Finally Wednesday!

It is finally the middle of the week! I feel a little more engerized today but I know when 3pm hits I will want to take a nap. But once 6pm hits I will have energy again, I just dont understand it. Anywho I got a second job which I am really stoked for and it is going to be a lot of fun. I work full time right now at a law firm downtown which is really awesome and laid back. Then at night I will work at this bar called M Two on 4th Street in Austin. I will be the only girl working there and all the guys are gay! I am so stoked cause gay guys are the best :) I hope I have enough energy for this, because I know right now it is the best thing for me financially. It will help out tremendously and that is why I am doing it.

The Boyfriend and I's weekend was really relaxing. Friday & Saturday he works at the bar and I usually go in and visit him. Well Friday I went in and visited him for a little bit then went home and went to bed. I was just exhausted. I was in bed by like 11pm on a Friday night, I lead a very exiciting life lol. The Boyfriend said the bar was dead and it was a crappy night. I felt bad for him because he works his day job on Friday's also and then goes straight to the bar. Then Saturday we went to Target ( big mistake on tax free weekend, I forgot) and got some work clothes and things I needed. He had lunch then went home to take a nap. Then he went off to the bar and I went off to my Mom's to spend some quality family time. It was a great visit. My little sister and I gossiped (shes 12) and watched a movie marathon. Can you believe I cried on 17 again?! Lol. Then I went to go see The Boyfriend at the bar around 10ish and left there at like 1130ish and couldn't fall asleep until 1am. Then for Sunday Funday we layed by the pool with our friends. (Next weekend I will take pictures) All in all it was a great relaxing weekend.

How was your weekend?

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Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

It was nice and fun. Spent time with my hubby. :)