Aug 26, 2010

Thursday Finds

Okay I am obssesed with Vintage items and clothing but never have the guts to wear them or anything I find is way too expensive UNTIL NOW! I am consumed with vintage things on I found this adorable over-sized tunic that is simply gorgeous, match it with a pair of boots and you are set! And the best thing, it was only $28! I find myself browing online for all the cute glam vintage items but I always stop myself because I dont know where I could wear any of it. That is always my excuse not to buy things because I wouldnt know how or where to wear it. I know I am such a chicken shit lol. Here are some of the items I have fallen in love with!

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Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Thanks for the camera advice! I LOVE Amazon too. They are so good!

Nikki said...

Your welcome! I hope it made it eaiser on your decision :)