Aug 1, 2010

Its August!

I cant believe we are already in August! I feel like 2010 just begun and it is almost half way over. This year has had it ups and downs but so far a lot more ups then downs :) Maybe this is my year yay! lol Well anyways I have been going through my life trying to figure it out and I have a passion for 3 things and I am really pursing them. I have been presented the opportunity to move to San Miguel, Mexico and I have done some research and continuing to and I am not sure what I am going to do. I mean I am still young enough to go have fun for a few months and say I was able to explore the world. Next year I am also planning a trip to New Zealand to see family out there. I always said I wanted to travel so why not start now? I mean it would be a great experience and I know I should take it but this means I would further put my career on hold. I just have a lot of things to think about it and I am going to take my time on this. :)

<3 NMK


Damien said...

"I just dont want ANYTHING coming in the way of me starting in September." - Nicole Silliman 7/2010

What happened? I'm not saying that you shouldn't go to Mexico or that you should go to the school but I'm just asking, what has changed since you wrote that post in July?

Miss Nikki said...

That the moving to Mexico is actually for real. I thought it was just talk with my boyfriend (we live together) and now he is really serious about it. I mean it would be fun to go to Mexico, but once again I am pushing my career off even more. Ugh I wish this was eaiser to make.