Jul 28, 2010

Breathing Photography!

So I am high right now off of editing and taking photos! I took 245 pictures while the boyfriend and I visited Fredricksburg, Tx this past weekend. It was an amazing trip with an amazing person in my life. It was laid back but fun, we were laughing and enjoying eachothers company all day long. I took some amazing pictures, at first I didnt think I really got anything, but after I sorted through them, I soon realized that I had a bunch that were simply breathtaking! I am still learning photography and learning my camera but I am getting more comfortable with it, which is the best thing to happen. I am currently doing this is a hobby and hopefully one day it can be a side business for myself. I figured to start out small and then end up big, because if I meant to do this, then in time I will be doing it. I really love it, and I love how it makes me feel after a long day of taking photos and I see the end results, I feel very proud of myself. I am taking my camera with me every where I go from now on!
Here is where I keep all my pictures, take a look and any feedback would be amazing!

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