Jul 16, 2010

Coming along way....

I am slowly coming along to become an amazing person. I am finally following my dreams and what makes me happy. I cant believe how much support I have in my life! People willing to take time out of there day to show me the ropes of what I want to do. I have my family who support me in anything and everything I want to accomplish and will help in any way that they possibly can to see me succeed. I have such an amazing support group I feel like I can conquer the world.
A year ago I didnt feel like that. A year ago my life was crumbling all around me and there was nothing I could do to stop it. My ex really never supported my dreams, when I would talk about it he would barely even listen or tell me to stop dreaming. He is a great guy deep down but he was a very negative person because he hated his job. A year ago all my hopes, dreams, and life was shattered into a million pieces that I tried picking up piece by piece so many times just for it to shatter even more each time. Finally I just sat in the middle of the broken pieces and cried. I did this for months, gave up on life, on my dreams, became really depressed and shut myself off from the world. I do not know what happened but I finally said "Eff this", called my mom and told her I was on my way. I was going to change my life around because only I could do that, only could I change my path in this world. Not knowing what was in store for me in Texas and crying the 22 hrs to my moms, with my heart breaking each mile I was getting further away from my ex. I know it was the best because we did not love each other anymore but I finally was going to start off!
Now that I am here and following my dreams I have met the most amazing people! I couldnt believe I would be doing any of this and let alone this excited for everything in my future! I have met a man who has passions for things just like me, and we support each other for both of us to succeed! It is an amazing feeling. I have amazing friends who are supporting me along the way and some that are in the profession and showing me the ropes! I couldnt ask for a better life. Yes I dont have all the money I need sometimes but I know one day I will and I wont have to worry about paying my bills on time. I know one day my name will be well known around the makeup/salon world and thats what I am striving for. I make great impressions on them when I just meet them briefly that I know I am destined for greater things in this world and I am going to do that!
"No matter how bad your heart is broken, the world does not stop for your grief"
With Love

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