Jul 14, 2010

Beauty School!

So I am trying to go to beauty school for skin care and make-up. I am super duper excited but I am scared that the lack of money that I have will make me not able to attend. It is 10,000$ for tution but I know I can recieve financial aide to help me with majority of it and then there are college loans. But can you still get college loans if you dont have perfect credit? I just dont want ANYTHING coming in the way of me starting in September. Plus I need to buy this kit that school makes you get which is $1000 and then $200 enrollment fee that they say financial aide doesnt cover. It is starting to discourage me but I am trying to stay positive.

I have been following this make-up artist's blog and youtube channel and she is simply amazing! I have mentioned her before and she just motivates me to do it no matter what. No matter what it takes! But it is hard to see the light when money stands in the way of everything. Plus she has this business called Glaminars and its seminars to help boost your make-up artist carrer and she is going to be in Houston soon! But the thing is to go to one its like $500, but that would include all day and I get to meet and hang out with her! OMG that would be so amazing! I just wish I had that kind of money to do something like that. I hope she does it every year because next year I will definately be going. http://www.kandeejohnsonthemakeupartist.blogspot.com

Just everyone please cross your fingers and pray for me that I can figure out all my financial aid so I can start school September, be done by June 2011! Well better get back to work and real life.

Love to all!

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