Jul 9, 2010


So I have been researching online different celebrities and there fashion sense. Let me tell you I have came across where I am like, " Oh dear god what are they wearing" and others "hey i can wear that"! So I have decided to start caring more on my outward apperance look. Yes I always make sure my hair is done and make-up (for the most part) but I want to be that girl that always looks good no matter what. The one that accersories with everything and looks gorgeous. So I was looking up hilary duff and her style and I really like hers! She is just simple items but she knows how to dress them up or down. I need to learn this. I have a heels that I never wear and I want to start wearing them on like a daily basis. Or at least when I go out to have a few drinks with my friends I want to look cute and adorable. I want people to look at me and be like, "Oh wow she always has the cutest outfits".

I am just horrible with shopping and looking for things when I'm in the store. Give me a computer where I can see multiple styles at once and then I can go shopping. I always wear jeans it never fails and I am trying to get out of that habit but its so hard. I want to wear more dresses and skirts but I feel like a retard if I do wear them. I feel like they just dont look good on me no matter what. I am trying to connect with my girly and fashionista that is trying to come out! Here are some pictures that I found that I would love to have these styles in my closet! And they are very just plain jane clothes, nothing fancy but really cute when put together with the right things! Well I am going shopping today to get some cute outfits or one because I am poor haha. I will post a picture if I find a good enough one!

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