Jul 7, 2010

Happiness Goes A Long Way!

Well good morning blogger world! It is 641am and I am wide awake getting ready for work. I just figured I would blog will fast before my week gets hectic and I wont have time to blog. So I am finally making a career choice that I have wanted to make since I was 19 and I am super duper excited for it! I am going to school to become an esthetician which includes make-up artist too. And then when I am done with that schooling which is only 9 months I am going to go back to do massage therapy! So that means I will have 3 trades under my belt and it will help advance my career! I would really love to do theatrical make-up and cool photo-shoots. I was just talking with a make-up artist the other day and she has me pumped to start already. She really was a great girl to talk with about the career choice and she just said you cant take no for an answer in this business and you just have to keep your name out there to get jobs.

They are opening an Aveda Institute out here in Austin and that is where I will be doing my schooling. Most salons if you haven't received your schooling at an Aveda school they get you Aveda training once you get hired in there salon, but now since I will already have that training I wont need it and I will be more desirable to hire. The offices are opening in the end of this month and then classes are expected to start 9/28/2010. I feel like I am finally doing something for myself in my career path choice. That this is something I can see myself happy with for a long time and has multiple, even endless job opportunities.

My 4th of July was really good. My boyfriend is a DJ so he pulled out his turned tables by the pool and had everyone rocking out to trance. I never really listened to trance or house music until now and it is pretty awesome. I really love how he gets into his music and it makes him so happy. There were probably 100+ people there and it was crazy fun party. Wish the boyfriend and I spent more time together ( only downfall of dating a DJ and bartender) haha but I guess I'm gonna have to learn how to suck it up because those are his passions and I would expect him to do the same for me :)

So I have been learning a lot how to keep drama out of my life including myself. But when its all you have known for 6 years+ its hard to just let it go or stop from being drama at times. But after a stupid drama incident that happened I am done with that shit! I dont need it, my friends dont need it nobody does! I made a mistake by being a little drama and it almost ruined everything that I have worked for in a flash! I just couldnt believe I was even being like that. I had to look at myself in the mirror and say really!?!? So no more! I am a grown as women who has worked so hard to rebuild my life I am not going to let stupid petty drama come in and take over everything! I am just glad I saw it, recognized it and now is doing something to change it.

Well I am off to work! Hope everyone has a great day!

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