Aug 9, 2010

My Life.My Decisions.

"There is never going to be a "right time" for anything" - I saw that someone wrote this and it hit me hard and it made me realize that is a very true and raw statement. There is never a right time to do anything in your life, but if you keep waiting for that right time then you will miss out on life. I have made decisions, others might think are foolish but they have improved my life. I know where I want to go in life and I know what I want to do, so why is it so hard for me to make this decision. A few years back I was asked if I would choose love over any job, and I really had to think about it. First my answer was my job, that is how i survive, get by in life and pay for everything. But then they said they would choose love and I asked why. They said because they can always find a new job, but once you find love you should never let it go unless it is not true love. That really opened my eyes and made me realize new things of life. I have looked at life in a different way since that day.
I am 23 years old and have not traveled anywhere in my life. Well yes I spent 2 years in NC but never really saw North Carolina! I have lived in Texas for 7 months and I have traveled more here then I have anywhere else. I lived in California all my life and never left my little OC bubble. It was really sad. Now I have the opportunity to go see the world and I am going to let it get away? A lot of my friends have been to Europe, Japan, Australia and I have been no where outside of the US. I think it is my time to do my traveling. School and work is always going to be there. And you never know when your life is going to be over, so I just need to take life as it comes. I think I am just letting my fears get in my way of living my life, and I am so sick of being scared of EVERYTHING! I want to be able to tell my children one day that mommy went to all these cool places and saw the world.
Anyways life has been really good lately. I have been having a time out here in Austin and very happy with how everything has been turning out. I am looking for a second job so I can start saving more money. I want to build my savings acct even more before the end of the year. Plus I would love to go to my friends baby shower in Boston in a few months, and then go to my sisters wedding in Alaska also. I still cant believe my older sister is getting married. I never thought she was going to take the plunge. But I am so happy for her! I am loving life right now and everyone who is in it.

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