Sep 14, 2010

That pit of your stomach...

feeling, you know the one where you know something bad is lurking around the corner. Well The Boyfriend and I had a tough rough spot because I suddenly ended up pregnant. I get it, it was not planned, we have only been together for almost 5 months, and we are young. Well I moved back to my mom's through a series of events, and I am never leaving haha. Well never say never. But for now I am more then happy I am home :) The Boyfriend today still after 2 months does not know what he wants. So he decided we should just be friends. Yep Friends, but yet I am carry his child, and going to mother his child. I guess this is what I get for being such a horrible person. I thought we really cared about eachother but like  they say, "you never know someones true colors until push comes to shove". I guess I am glad it is all happening now but it still hurts. Still makes me feel like crap. Like I am a horrible person and no one wants to be with me. But I know everything happens for a reason and only time will tell what will happens.

I just dont understand why God would want me to be a single mother.

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