Sep 7, 2010

There is a God!

I have been miserable for this past week and half, and lost almost ten pounds in 2 weeks. Which is never good when you are pregnant. My Dr isnt so concerned in my weight loss as she in my intake of food. I have morning sickness 24/7 and I can barely eat a soild meal. I wake up multiple times a night trying not to be sick because I am starving but nothing will stay down. After a week and half of this I finally called  my Dr in tears and needed to be seen asap. I have missed work that I cant afford to miss, and I am getting behind. I have always been the tough kind of girl, and never really stayed home from work for being sick. But this time around I could barely handle it.

I cant focus because I am bent over my office chair head first dry heaving into the office trashcan. So FINALLY I went into my Dr's and got a prescription for Zofran. It is supposed to help relieve some of the nausea feeling and help me eat and keep things down. I can tell it is working because I am finally interested in drinking water again! YAY I am so thankful and so happy! I can take one every 4 hours as needed so I am hoping tomorrow at work will go a tad smoother then it has been. This drug is the miracle drug and I have never been so happy in my life. It is safe for the baby, and there are no side effects for my child.

I am so glad I finally decided to call my Dr and get some help. Thank goodness there is relief because if not I do not know what I would have done.


Damien said...

Zofran is the bomb!

Nikki said...

I agree!!!