Oct 17, 2010

Baby Basics

When should I start buying the baby basics? (ie; onesies, burp cloths, receiving blankets, socks, etc.)

I feel like I should start slowly buying these basics so I don't expect it all from my baby shower. I know how fast babies can go through the basics and I want to make sure I have more then enough through each growth spurt. And with joint custody I know I will lose things once I send my child to his/her dads house. When did you mommas start buying things when you are pregnant? I am 3 months pregnant so I feel like I should slowly start getting these things. Especially when there are great sales and etc. I just want to be prepared and have more then enough clothes for my child. Then in a few weeks once I find out the sex then thats when I can buy more then basics too!

I cant for all the sales because thats when I will really can get the best deals on the basics. I am getting so excited and feeling a lot better. All day yesterday (saturday) I didnt feel sick or anything at all. I don't know if getting 10hrs+ of sleep is the trick but I was on the go all day and it felt amazing! 

Hope you all are having a great weekend! 

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