Oct 29, 2010

Vacay & Update

So I took a mini vaca back home to SoCal. I miss that place so much I wish I could just move back. I had an amazing time and my best friend's, sister's wedding was beautiful! Makes me want to get married again lol. Also I went to Disneyland and I love that place! It was so awesome to see it in Halloween time, it really is a magical place lol. I did have a little baby trouble. I started bleeding which is never good during pregnancy but I went to the hospital saw my little baby on the screen and "she" looked amazing! "She" was sucking her hand, doing flips, stared right at us for like a minute (kinda freaky but cool). I started crying, it was just so amazing.

The morning sickness (all day sickness) is really easing up and I am snacking through out the day and feeling a little more energy. I still have to take it easy cause I was doing a lot in California ie; thats why the bleeding started. Thank goodness the bleeding has stopped but I just dont want it to come back. I am 3 1/2 months pregnant and that just seems crazy to me lol. In a week and a half I will be 4 months along! I have yet to start showing. I am in my size 5 jeans no longer in my size 3's but no bump yet. And since I am just getting over being sick I still have yet to gain any weight back. I hope soon I start gaining and start showing. My Dr said women can start showing anywhere from 14-20 weeks. I just figured with being so petite (5'5) I would show right away. Guess I was wrong lol. Funny thing is though I FEEL like a pumpkin but I look like cantaloupe :)

So it is Halloween weekend and I have nothing planned lol. I think I am going to help pass out candy with my mom and just enjoy this time of year. It is starting to get chilly here in Austin and I got to pull out my peacoat jacket today! YAY but now I dont want it to get any colder lol. It was 46 degrees when I was driving to work, and on lunch it was about MAYBE 60 degrees. We do need cooler weather but I am just not completely ready for it yet. I still need to buy some warm clothing this winter, I have none.

So I really want to start doing my makeup & hair again since I am feeling better, but everytime I wear makeup I dont feel like anyone can tell. I wish I could do my makeup like the Kardashian girls (dont make fun hahahaha). So I have been researching online and watching tutorials (yes I admitted it, now leave me alone hehe ;) ) but it never comes easy to me. Anyone have any advice or good make up tricks or great make up that keeps my blemishes covered ALL DAY LONG and just not for a few hours? I use primer but by mid day my skin is really oily, and you cant even tell I have powder/foundation on anymore. Its annoying.

I will update with pictures from my trip tonight after work!

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