Oct 8, 2010

Hormones or Feelings?

Lately I cant tell if it has been hormones or feelings when I get sad, but I am pretty sure this time it is feelings. This is going to be a "vague" post with no names or any specifics but I just need to get this out. What I am going through is a mind-blowing  horrible thing I am going through! I never thought this would ever happen to me. I dont think I am strong enough to handle all of these emotions. Reality hit me in the gut heart today and all I can think about is that! I feel like I cant breathe or work because it has consumed my whole mind. I am being SUCH a girl, because if this happened to a guy they wouldnt think twice about it! Sometimes I wish I was a boy so I could just not care about anything. Here is a video I think is a great thing Beyonce did, its so true!


Mandy said...

Hormones and emotions go crazy during pregnancy. It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed. I am praying for you, girl! God has you in His hands, even when nothing seems to makes sense : )

Moo's Mamma said...

Awe... Hugs to you from a new follower... just finished reading most of your blog... hormones can make you feel like your heart's gonna burst...But you are one tough cookie: ) You will get through this : )

Nikki said...

Thanks ladies! And welcome to my blog Moo's Mamma! It just seems really tough right now the situation and the morning sickness on top of it.

Thanks for the support it really means a lot to me.