Oct 9, 2010


When!? When will this morning sickness  ALL DAY sickness go away? I thought I was finally getting over it. I was feeling better more days then feeling sick. I could hold down more food and I was getting super excited because I saw an end in the near future. Now I am back to not believing I will get any relief. And I have to travel soon and I dont know how well this is going to go over. I just wish there was a cure, or a magic food that would make me feel like myself again. I have no had a problem eating but now its like I'm scared to eat. Not knowing how the baby will react to it.

For weeks all the baby wanted was fruit and veggies. I was happy because it was a healthy baby, no weird cravings. Now this week, the 11th week the baby doesnt want veggies or fruit. I couldnt keep down strawberries and now I can feel the apples working them way back up. I know exactly when I am going to get sick I can feel it, good thing though is that after I get sick I dont feel like crud anymore. Its like a relief. I wonder if that is normal? I hear pregnant women tell me all the time how they had a "magic food" that kept the nausea at bay. Well I dont have that. Crackers I get sick, plain water I get sick, now fruit I get sick, anything dairy I get sick. I just cant catch a break. And working 40hrs a week with this is not fun at all. Getting sick at work is probably the most disgusting and unsanitary thing ever haha.

For all my mama's out there, what worked for you!? I have tried everything people have said (ie; ginger, crackers, fresh lemon in water, airline cookies, and many more) So I am down to try ANYTHING!

Well I am off to go to get soymilk because I heard for some women that was there saving grace. Cant be as bad to come back up as the apples and noodles were :(

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Mandy said...

Oh girl... I feel ya. I was SO sick and I thought it would never end. I didn't find a cure-- but popsicles helped ease the ms for me. I think time is the biggest cure all. At 16 weeks I felt so much more like my old self. I am almost 19 weeks now and I feel great 99% of the time. Hold on-- you are getting closer! : )