Oct 12, 2010

Weekend Update

So this weekend I had a bad allerigic reaction to strawberries. I had this bad rash underneath my chin and my throat was swollen where it hurt to swallow anything. Thankfully children's bendryal was my savor and really helped with the swelling and rash. I cried to myself because I am so miserable. I have to sit at work M-F 8-5 and try to be "normal" even though I keep running back and forth to the bathroom dry heaving. Then reading  about some people's pregnancy and they never got relief until 16 weeks or longer. I hate being the debbie downer but right now I cant help it. I swear celebrities and people never tell you about how horrible the first tirmester can be! And to imagine I couldnt wait to be pregnant. Ugh I think I am going to get my tubes tied after this haha (JK).

I am not looking for sympathy but I just need to keep a log of how I feel so whenever I have baby fever again I can read it and remember what I went through. Or when he/she is being a pain in my rear when they are 16 I can show them what I went through for them haha. I swear nothing makes me feel better. I eat, but then 2 hours later I either feel naseous or I am starving. I think what killing me is the naseous feeling 24/7. It never goes away and I think its hear to haunt me forever. I feel like I am being punished for something. I still dont think I have gained any weight in this pregnancy. Ugh I am just so frusturated.

On a good note, I will be 12 weeks Wednesday! Almost to my 2nd tri and I cant wait! Maybe then I will start feeling better and get more energy back. I'm still trying to be postive because I know this is all happening and reminding me that I am doing a very important job, and Baby S is doing great inside my womb. Can you believe my baby is the size of a lime!?! Crazy haha and when I am 12 weeks it will be a size of a plum. I heard the 2nd tri flys by and then the 3rd kinda drags on.

I am really nervous to feel the baby for the first time. I dont know if I will be freaked out or excited. It freaks me out watching my friends videos of there baby's moving inside the womb and you can see it. Kinda makes me want to lose my lunch (but what doesnt these days). And is it possible that plain water makes me want to throw up? Weird I know!

Well here is an 11 week photo: ( I still dont look pregnant lol)

11 Weeks


Lizzy said...

You are so cute! I love the tats too :D So my mom was REALLY sick with my brother like the whole time and she lost so much weight so I have a fear that I am going to be sick when I get pregs. I feel nauseated just thinking about it lol. I hope you start to feel better soon girl!

Nikki said...

Aww thanks girl! My mom and my sister never had bad morning sickness so I have no idea where this is coming from. Today I am feeling a lot better thanks :)

Mandy said...

There is a end in sight! I promise! Women used to tell me that, too (and I would inwardly roll my eyes, thinking I would be the exception to feeling better in the 2nd tri! Haha) . My worst MS weeks were week 11-14. Now, besides being tired, I feel great! Well... almost. Brushing my teeth still makes me sick... but I am working through that.

Feel better soon!!!

Nikki said...

Mandy I feel like you know me oh so well! haha I am now throwing up what looks like mucus and my very pregnant friend said its normal and usually means its coming to an end so I am sooo thankful! Thanks for the support and encouragement! Just a tad longer!