Oct 13, 2010

Second Chances

Do you believe in second chances? Or believe in giving someone second chances? Someone that has hurt you and wants to prove that they aren't like that? How are you supposed to know when to give a person close to you a second chance, or try from not falling for there crap again?

Why cant life come with a manuel to follow, it would make my life so much easier. I am so indesiseve and I think thats why I have such a hard time making descions. Plus I have scars from my past that I carry around with me, and when something happens remotely close to what happend in the past I cant make a descion on it. I know I have sometime to see how everything goes, and make my mind up then but its hard to guard your heart and be pregnant at the same time. Too many horomones going on at a time way too many emotions flying through my body.

I've always believed in giving people second chances, but this is a tad more serious. I have a child's well being to protect and make sure I am making the right descions for his/her life. I know I need to just do whats right and what I am feeling in my heart but its easier said then done. I have left into God's hands and whatever is meant to be will be. I just hope I am smart enough to know whats real and whats fake.

I am 12 weeks today! I am so excited! I have learned that I need to start eating a snack at 300am because if I dont I wake up through up mucus/acid from having nothing in my stomach in the mornings. Eww I know sorry TMI lol. I am wearing a sweater dress, leggings (maternity ones :)) and boots today and I swear I am going to live in this outfit! It is the most comfortable thing I have worn my whole pregnancy! And its super duper cute! :) I am feeling a lot better today, but I know when Friday hits, I will be back to being miserable lol. Only about 6 more weeks till I find out what my little ailen is! WOOHOO I am so excited. I say girl and the baby daddy says boy.

Well hope everyone has a wonderful wednesday!

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Lizzy said...

Man, the second chances question is hard, because sometimes I'm all gung-ho for second chances and other times I think they are better left to the consequences of the first chance. Now that you have a little one to think about, it really depends on who you're giving a second chance. Only you can really answer this question though because you know what is in your heart and what happened the first time. Either way, stay strong for yourself and your beautiful baby inside of you and know that whatever decision you made was with the best intentions. <3