Nov 6, 2010


I cant stop smiling! I catch myself laughing out loud and smiling constantly at my phone! I seriously have the greatest friends and family a girl could ever ask for! I wouldn't be able to do this pregnancy without them and I am so thankful for them every single day of my life. I finally know what true happiness feels like and soon my baby will make it complete. There is nothing in my life right now that I want, I have everything anyone could ask for.

With how my life was going a few months ago I was really depressed because of how I was being treated by someone I thought I was in love with. But that was just lust and now I see that. I feel like I have truly grown up even more with being pregnant. Its like a blindfold had been lifted off my eyes and I can see the world in a different way. I see when people are trying to screw me, help me and be there for me. I know the fake people from the true people. 

How does life know where to pick itself up and start over? Its so weird to look back on the past and see how sad I was and how I didnt want to talk to anyone. Now I cant wait to hang out with friends and family. Its what I look forward too. I seriously cant wait to see my baby. I want to know what he or she looks like. What he or she sounds like, smiles, and laughs like. I hope he or she looks a lot like me. :) I am just over the moon about bringing a baby into this world. I never thought I would see the day I would be pregnant now I cant see myself any other way! I hope I am a great incubator for my child, and they come out happy and healthy!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Love to all!

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